Sephora Offers FREE Makeup Classes!

Sephora Offers Free Makeup Classes!

I just heard about these free classes from a Facebook makeup group I follow and I was instantly intrigued! So I signed up online and lucky for me, I got in right away. No credit card, no personal information required.

They will send you a confirmation and a reminder and then give you a phone call to confirm - again - my guess because they have so many women on the waiting list, that if you don't show up you could take someone else's place, and that's not fair.

Everyday to Holiday Makeup

I signed up to see whether there were any new products or techniques I hadn't heard of!

They take attendance, and you'll find that on your station there are clean brushes, a marker and disposable wands. They will ask you to write on the mirror your skin type. Oily, combination, or dry? And based on that they will distribute skin care - at least for this class, we were doing a full face. They also offer smokey eyes, foundation, contour, and every day makeup classes. 

There is a model and a coach, who speaks into a microphone, to explain the steps in detail. While this is happening, a few other coaches are distributing the makeup products you will need to recreate the look. 

We each got eye shadow palettes, eye pencils, setting sprays, eye primers, eye brow pencils ... and once the coach is finished applying and describing what she'd done, everyone else is allowed to follow. 

This keeps going until the full makeup look is acheieved. 

Beware of Testers

My only concern was that we got the testers. I don't mind so much that we had the powder eye shadow testers; but for some products like pots and wands, like concealer, liquid lip colors and mascara, they are not sanitary. The only store I know that cuts off the wand and sanitizes everything with alcohol is MAC. 

There is no way to sanitize a liquid lip pencil if someone before you (or many others) had applied it on their lips. This could spread bacteria from one person to another. And since we are almost into Holiday Season now, BE VERY CAREFUL. 

If you are going to go to one of these classes, or you're having your makeup done at a counter, make sure you bring your own mascara and lipstick.

If you see the makeup artist using something out of a wand, just ask for one that is in a tube. 

Apply Foundation Downwards

Overall the makeup class at Sephora was a pretty fun experience. I mainly went to get a feel for what's out there - what new products and techniques I should brush up on. 

I was reminded that to apply your foundation you should always swipe it down. I have always buffed my foundation in circular motions, which is fine, but swiping DOWN makes all the little hairs on your face SIT rather than stand up. 




Make Up For Ever Artist Face Color Palettes :: Blush / Contour / Highlight

I got a beautiful palette of three amazing colors from Make Up For Ever from their brand new Artist Face Color collection. This is a collection of easily blendable, soft powders that come in contour, highlight and blushes. Some blushes are matte and some are shimmery. 

I personally loved them and in this video I show you why! 

Hair Vitamins :: The Best Ones

Hair vitamins and supplements are a billion dollar industry. Every body wants to look and feel great, and some of us splurge hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on ones that may not even work. 

In this video I talk about biotin, iron zinc and fish oils. These are my favorite beauty vitamins. 

The first signs of problems show up in your hair, skin and nails -- so it's SUPER important that we take care of our appearance so we know that everything on the inside is working properly too! 

I Coloured My Hair at Home!

Okay, before you go and color your hair, make sure you know a professional hair colorist who can help you along the way. Even though I'm pro, I had my long time professional hairdresser friend on speed dial to answer all of my questions. Hair color is chemistry, and there is no telling how it will react!

Why go dark, you ask? Well, because the damage of bleaching my hair was unreal. The ends were snapping off and it just looked unhealthy. Dark hair reflects more light and I knew it was going to look fuller and healthier. 

Also, something really cool happened when I put on the brown hair color. I FELT better, I felt like I recognized myself. Does that make sense? I'm a believer that color affects your mood and personality, and nature makes no mistakes! The blonde hair was nice, but it was "separate" from me, like it had a personality all its own. 

I have always had medium brown hair, ever since I was little, and this was just taking me back to my "true self" :) 

I filled my hair with a red copper in a level 7 and chose level 4.75 medium brown with red and violet undertones for the main brown color. 

Filling is very important when you're going from blonde to brunette. When you bleach hair (go blonde) you strip all of the natural red tones in the hair. So you must put those back in when you rewind back to your darker color. The only time you wouldn't fill is when you go to a level 1 or 2, which is basically black. 


Non-Cakey, Easy Fall Burgundy Eyes

This look is for every woman who is looking to put on some simple, soft and easy eye makeup to take her from day to night. A continuation of the daytime makeup tutorial, this look feels very editorial, very easy on the eyes (literally and figuratively).

I didn't want to create a look that was heavy and loaded with lashes and eyeliner. 

To take your makeup from day to night, one way to do it is to add dimension to your eyes by creating an almost-smokey eye look. I used burgundy here, because it's fall, and used a technique that can be used to apply basically any color of eye shadow. Burgundies are amazing on practically all skin tones and flatter even the darkest and fairest of us. 

MONAT :: Too Good To Be True?

**I published this piece on a while back and as expected, was attacked by a MONAT re-seller. Also: The company that did the studies is called Princeton Consumer Research, not Princeton University as some re-sellers believe.**



Yesterday, I decided to try out MONAT for the first time ever. My friend had gifted me a set and swore by it — so much so that she sounded like an expert herself. But I had just gone through nine brutal months of hair school and come out the other end victorious and pretty much educated on hair, I’d like to think.

So when I read about MONAT online, and all I could find were distributors who swore by it, and no real substantial scientific studies that explained how it works, I was skeptical. Actually, skeptical is an understatement. I hated the entire idea of this stuff.

I’m going to assume you are already familiar with this line of hair care products that claims it’s all-natural and that it grows hair like crazy.

I has worked for many of my friends. Yes, their hair is growing. It feels healthier (their words, not mine). It has treated the hair (their words, not mine).

Many of our clients when I was at school had switched to it and began selling it themselves. Oh, it’s a pyramid scheme, by the way. Another reason for me to seriously feel iffy about it.

I had been putting off this moment for months, but curiousity got the best of me. No, it didn’t kill me. At least not yet.

I chose two of the products in there:

Shampoo: Intense Repair Treatment Shampoo

Conditioner: Revitalize Conditioner “Volume”

I washed, twice, worked up a lather, and conditioned as usual. I double-checked the conditioner bottle. Does it say anywhere to leave it on for a few minutes? Nope. So I rinsed right away.

I noticed a pungant, almost ammonia-type smell that was clearly masked with perfume. Sniffed my hands again to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. Yup. The conditioner stunk. Smelled like serious chemicals.

I rinse out my hair and immediately feel my hair swell. Kind of like how it feels after a protein treatment. Except this wasn’t a protein treatment. Or was it? I don’t know, I’m confused. I can feel a coating on my hair.

I know how my hair feels after a good cleanse. I’m a hairdresser, and a woman, I might add. I’ve tried everything. This feels odd.

I dry my hair with a hairdryer without using any styling products because I want to see the true result of this miracle. My hair definitely feels softer, and I have a bit of volume and “grit”. I really like the volume, but am very skeptical.

I have fine and thin hair, so I might be just the ideal candidate for MONAT.

What throws me off, though, is how fast my hair swelled after using the conditioner.

The $$$ In Hair Industry

For years, beauty companies have invested millions, if not billions, of dollars in trying to create treatments for the hair that bring it back to health. One of those things is a protein treatment. As far as I know, a protein treatment is the ONLY treatment that works itself into the hair to add strength. You know why? Because our hair is made up of 90% protein. When we lighten it, we pretty much strip most of that away, so we have to add it back in.

In order for a protein treatment to work, it must be left on for a few minutes, to penetrate, naturally. And it must be used over time — once a week, preferably, until you start to see results.

In my own humble opinion, the Revitalize conditioner has ingredients that mimic protein. I think it coats the hair, rather than repair it. It just works too damn fast. Hair needs time and lots more than just a shampoo and conditioner to repair itself. It needs professional treatments. It needs Olaplex.

MONAT claims this for its conditioner:

Helps increase hair density strength and manageability.

A gentle volumizing conditioner for fine and limp hair that penetrates and nurtures the scalp while helping to boost natural growth, aids in improving follicle strength, and helps in reducing hair thinning. Delivers moisture and vital nutrients to aid in plumping and energizing hair from roots to ends. Fine, flat hair is left touchably soft and shiny. Safe to use on colored and/or chemically treated hair and extensions.

This sounds like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. It sounds like something that was written for the consumer who has no idea what anything is. No offence. They hired someone to sell dreams with words.

Similar Claims/Products

And before I sign off, I have to tell about a couple of things.


First, henna. I used henna for years, and I loved the thickness, shine, grit and color it gave my fine and limp hair. Was it treating it? No, it was coating it. After years of coating my hair with henna, it became strong and could withstand heat and abuse. I got a ton of compliments on how thick, strong and shiny my hair was. I swore by it, but now, I know better. Did it change the actual texture of my hair? Nope, it was a band-aid.


Second, Wen. Wen claimed it would make hair grow only to have made people bald instead. Now they’re facing a class action lawsuit. PS. everyone and their mother swore by this brand when it came out.

Baking Soda & Vinegar

Third, baking soda and vinegar. There was a huge online trend on using baking soda and vinegar to wash your hair. It was part of the “no poo” movement (or something).

Women fanatically wrote about the amazing way their hair felt — shiny, strong, healthy — after not just one wash, but years of using this concoction. Not only was it natural (cringe), it was cheap! So they ditched their shampoos and went to the kitchen sink.

Fast-forward a couple of years, and those same ladies had noticed their hair was breaking so bad it looked it someone had fried it with Clorox. I don’t even know if that’s possible, but you know where I’m going with this.

The damage was non-reversible and they realized that shampoo might be on the shelves for a reason.

If you’re wondering, it didn’t work because the pH of baking soda is highly alkaline, and vinegar is highly acidic. Alkaline swells the hair (think lightener or bleach) and acid closes the hair cuticle, which makes it look shiny. Imagine constantly going back and forth between alkaline and acid and you’ve screwed your hair forever.

The pH of shampoo mimics our natural hair’s pH: between 4.5 to 5.5. 

Shampoo companies are not evil and they are not trying to kill us with additives. So this whole all-natural thing is sometimes complete bogus.

If products were all-natural, they would start rotting just like our food would if left outside for too long, or fry our hair like with the example above.

There is a reason cosmetics companies have their own labs and sell some of their products professionally: because when you come into the salon, we educate you on the product, its ingredients and what they mean for your hair.

How does it work?!

I’d like to know HOW it works. For the love of God, no one has been able to tell me how this stuff actually works.

Where are the studies?

What happens when users stop using MONAT? Will their hair fall out in clumps?

I’d like to see some long-term studies done on a LARGE sample size before I can entertain it.

Easy, Dewy, Daytime Makeup Tutorial

I'm a little bit anti-strong makeup. Not a bit, actually; a lot. There is no need to exaggerate our makeup. It might work for video and for Instagram - but for every day wear it's a big fat lie. 

Not everyone can wear black, elongated eyeliner. Not everyone should wear strip lashes. Not everyone should wear contour, and not everyone needs to over-line their lips. 

So in this video I'm doing a very simple, easy, daytime fresh and dewy makeup look that everyone can wear. You just can't go wrong with this look. (I would suggest that if you need heavier coverage for acne, go ahead and dab some more foundation. Use a long-lasting formula and use a light dusting of loose powder.)

On camera, the makeup may seem very light and you might think, 'this doesn't look that great'. Face-to-face, it looks flawless, and I feel the most like myself. I actually felt so beautiful, I didn't want to take it off.

The camera loves matte, powdery textures, yet face to face those textures can look cakey, which is why I skipped out on the powder, and why so many YouTubers pack on the powder. 

So you can say I'm rebelling against the status quo. Go ahead and try this look and let me know how you make out. Keep your hand light, and stop when you think you look gorgeous. The trick is not to over-do it, and never to look like you have makeup on. 

The Lowdown on Purple & Blue Shampoo

I don't remember when purple shampoo became so popular. It was like there was regular shampoo and then BOOM, PURPLE SHAMPOO!

When I got into hair school in April of 2016, it was all I heard. Purple shampoo this, purple shampoo that. Everyone was talking about it ALL. THE. TIME. I soon chopped my hair into a very cool pixie cut and had it bleached out.

I found out there was also blue shampoo that no one ever talked about. With a little help from color theory class and my own color wheel, I figured out when to use what. 

Yellow/Golden Hair or Ash?

It actually came at a time when a co-worker of mine was unhappy with her blonde hair. She didn't like how ashy it looked. I agreed that it washed her out. She had a warm, yellow-ish skin tone and the most beautiful big, blue eyes, and her hair just looked off. So I asked her what she was using. 

"Blue and purple shampoo and conditioner." 

She said she alternated them because she didn't know which one she should use, and everyone, including her hairdresser, just shoved the shampoos in her hair and said, "Here - this is for blondes."

This is the kind of thing that pisses me off as much as over-saturation of the market with pink toned foundations and almost nothing for warm skin tones. Why do cosmetics companies think only pink people exist? 

And, in this case, why do hairdressers think ashy blonde suits everyone and no one ever talks about skin tone? There are so many golden blonde celebrities like Blake Lively, Beyonce, and Jennifer Aniston who are gorgeous! 

What is purple or blue shampoo and what does it do?

When we lighten your hair at the salon we use a toner that does the cancelling out for us. A toner is a demi permanent color. Over time, the color will fade and you might notice your hair turning brassy.

Colored shampoos act as temporary, at-home toners.  

Purple shampoo gets rid of yellow tones in the hair. 

Blue shampoo gets rid of orange tones in the hair.

Purple or violet is across from yellow on the color wheel. Blue is across from orange. 

When you mix those opposing colors together they cancel each other out. They are complementary colors on the color wheel. 

Now, to get the tone of blonde you want, you need to know what color your hair is (is it yellow or orange, or both?) and what do you want to cancel out? 

  • If you want to keep the yellow, or gold, you may have some orange, so you would use blue shampoo. (If you don't see orange, and you want to keep the yellow, you don't need to use a colored shampoo).
  • If you want to cancel the yellow tones, you use purple shampoo. 
  • If you have both yellow and orange and you want to cancel them, you use both blue AND purple shampoo and conditioner. 

So with my friend, I advised her to stop using the purple shampoo and to use the blue one instead ONLY and see what happened. A week later, she had her golden (yellow) tones back in her hair and no orange strands. She was a lot happier. 

Cool (Ash) or Warm (Gold)?

I advise everyone to figure out what skin tone they are, because this will make life easier. If you look best in silver accessories, you're cool. If you look best in gold accessories, you're warm. If you look great in both, you're neutral. 

So if you're cool, choose ashy tones for your hair, if you're warm, choose gold, and if you're neutral, choose neutral :-)

As for my blonde hair 

I really loved my almost-platinum ash blonde, but the more I lightened it, the more unnatural it looked. I learned that ashy tones don't look good on me because I'm yellow, or warm, or golden as well.

So purple shampoo would never work for me because it would cancel out yellow, and I wanted the yellow (or golden tones). I switched to blue shampoo to cancel out orange tones, and as my hair grew and I kept lightening it, I just loved the result. 

If you really want to make ashy tones work, and you have golden skin, you may have to wear a lot of makeup to get that cool, fashionable look we see on Pinterest and Instagram. 

For best results...

Always consider your own skin tone and what you look best in. And have fun and test different tones to find what works best for you.

Rock Your Fall 2017 Lip Color!

OK I have a confession to make. I mixed 4 colors to create the perfect lip color! FOUR! 

First I applied "Merlot" by NYX, then "Cruella" by NARS, then black lipstick from the Halloween collection from NYC, and finally "Runway" by Graftobian. 

I'm a mixologist. I mix everything to get the colors and textures that I want. And let's face it, trying to find the perfect color is almost impossible. You have to tailor-make one just for you. 

If you have a fall lip color that you love, this is the time to rock it. Pair it with studs, a scarf, and a lovely fall coat. Pin your hair back and let your mouth do the talking! 

On the skin I only applied a small amount of concealer, and dusted the Amazonian Clay mineral powder by TARTE to give a luminous look to the skin that lasts all day. 

Because I have oily skin, I chose to go with powder - less touching up. 

If you have  BB cream, foundation or tinted moisturizer that you love, you can use that as well. 

The idea is to have clean, smooth skin

On the eyes I only applied Madly blush from NARS, which is a warm taupe ... very pretty and natural. I also applied it on my cheeks for a hint of contour. 

I finished off the look with mascara and some eye brow shaping. 

You can apply a spritz of setting spray if you like. That's totally optional. :-) 

Does the Hair Straightening Brush Work?!

I received the straightening hair brush from My Makeup Brush Set in the mail back when I was in hair school. Here's a detailed review of this brush that is popping up everywhere. 

The straightening hair brush goes to 230C (450F) and promises to straighten and smooth hair like a flat iron. The idea is that you won't need to brush your hair - it will do it for you! I doubted this as soon as I saw it. I'm cautious by nature and this gave me a bad vibe. It looked gimmicky. 

But, to give it the benefit of the doubt, I went ahead and tried smoothing out my mannequin's hair. Yes, mannequin hair is almost always tangly and gross, but I had to try it. It didn't work. As far as smoothing the hair goes, it smoothed the hair shaft, minus the roots (you can't get to the roots), and left the ends frizzy. 

To make a long story short, the hair brush will NOT give you the results of a great blow-out, or a professional flat iron. The reason is, mainly, that there is no tension and it heats from only one side. 

If you are thinking of buying this brush, I don't recommend it. If you have really thick and unruly hair, it might work for you. 

My other issue with it is that you would have to go over the hair many times before you get it to smooth out, which can result in damage over time. 

All in all, I'm not a fan.

Master Your Basic Smokey Eye

I used to think that with all of the videos out there of how to do eye makeup, that everyone in the world is now able to perfect the art of the smokey eye, even our cats ... and yet I still hear women asking me how to do the smokey eye. So I made a video about it! 

The smokey eye is more of a technique than anything. It's really quite simple, and I don't want you to feel intimidated by it.

I show two ways of doing the smokey eye, or, three, really.

It's best to start out with neutral colors, like brown or gray, to get your technique right, then move on to playing with color - you can start playing with shimmer -- rose gold, emerald green, and violet.

I love browns because they're earthy, soft, they look good on everyone in the world, and they are the most flattering. They're easy to blend and no matter how dark you go, brown eye shadow will never look weird or gothic.

The first way: Creamy Eye Pencil Smudging


The first step is to apply some type of primer. My favorite is concealer. The one I use is Select Cover-up by MAC in NC 30. This color could be too yellow if you're Caucasian. For my warmer skinned-toned girls, it's perfect. 

I prefer concealer to primer because I find most primers are too white, ghostly, really, or too pink, or too shimmery. Concealer just looks like the color of your skin.


Smudge a soft, creamy, waterproof brown pencil all over your moving eyelid. You can use your fingertips, or a 217 MAC brush. Can you use cream eye shadow? Absolutely. The idea is to create a wash of color -- from lash line to eye socket. DO NOT take the color past the eye socket, because we still have some blending to do. 


Apply a transition color like bronzing powder on the eye socket and blend with your pencil smudging. 


Apply a wash of powder eye shadow on top of your creamy eye pencil to make it stronger. Remember, this is optional. I always just wore my creamy eye pencil and always got compliments on my makeup at how soft and pretty it was. 

The second way: Powder Eye Shadow

# ONE 

Dab, dab, and dab powder eye shadow on your moving eye lid, careful not to go past the eye socket. Because we've applied concealer, the shadow will grab right away.

You can apply a dusting of powder, but that will dilute the strength of your darker shadow, and we don't want that.

You can use a medium color of shadow first, like a soft taupe. My preference is always to pack on the dark shadow then buff out the edges. 

# TWO 

Apply your transition color on your eye socket. I use Espresso from MAC for this step, but you can absolutely use your bronzer for this. I used bronzer for the longest time on my clients because it gives the prettiest shadow look and now I can't stop. I don't think there's a shadow that actually works as well as a bronzer does! 


Now you want to blend the edges together. 

Always use a light hand, and always do a wash of color, windshield-wiper motions, adding on more shadow as you like. Use a fluffy brush, like the MAC 217, to buff out the edges using light strokes. 

You can wing out your shadow, but I am keeping it simple for this tutorial and keeping the look rounded.

Line Inside Your Eyes

Now apply a dark gel liner in the inner rims of your eyes. I'm a huge fan of the Maybelline Eye Studio gel liners. They have never failed me. Smudge it with your fingertips and don't be scared if it's messy. 

TIP: If you have small eyes, you want to skip this step and apply a beige or gold pencil inside your eyes to open them up. 

Foundation, Concealer & Powder

Concealer is one of those things that women love to ignore when they do the smokey eye. I don't know why that is - but I'm here to tell you that you can't have a smokey eye without concealer.

Almost everyone has dark circles, and if you're only going to apply dark shadow on your eyelid and leave under the under-eye area, it won't look pretty. 

We need dark and light to contrast with one another. That's how colors get to shine :) 

I use the Select Cover-Up. I normally love my Clinique All About Eyes concealer. I use MAC a lot on clients, and I love NARS too. Use the one you like. This part doesn't need to be heavy. It just needs to cover any darkness. 

Go ahead and apply your favorite foundation. Keep it dewy and fresh - you want the eye to be the focus and everything else to blend seamlessly. 

Apply a loose dusting of powder to set your concealer. 

Smoke Out the Underneath & Mascara

Now go underneath your eyes and apply the shadows you used on top with the tip of the brush. Apply the bronzer, too. You can go as light or as dark as you like. 

Finish off with some lip color, shimmer blush (I skipped this because I was running late), and mascara. Don't forget to curl your lashes first! 

Flat Irons: Avanti or Babyliss?

You can do so much with flat irons. They're not just meant to make you hair straight - you can also use them to curl and wave. I tested the AVANTI and BABYLISS to see which one I liked best.


My AVANTI flat iron I've had since my hair school days is pretty good. I can curl, wave, and straighten with it. I like it shape, its curved sides, and the fact that it goes all the way up to 450 degree F. My only recent concern has been straightening long, thick hair. It's been a little too small for that type of work. So I borrowed my friends' flat iron: also an AVANTI 1-3/8" and I fell in love. It was fast, smooth, and curled and straightened my clients' hair. 


I went out and bought a look-alike of the AVANTI: a BABYLISS. It looks the same (ie. thumb grip, large plates, comes in black and silver) and claims to do the same as the Avanti (ie. wet-to-dry).

It retailed for about $120 Canadian, and I picked it up for about $100 during a back-to-school sale. 

The Avanti, on the other hand, retails for $160 and I haven't seen it on sale yet...which tells me there might be a reason for it. 

In this video I use both flat irons on my mannequin head to demo the difference.

Lina HussainComment
Light Your Way To Gorgeous Makeup

In this hand-held video I talk to you about just that: how to get awesome lighting for your makeup. 

Step One

First thing is you want to keep the sheer curtains on. Do NOT pull them back, unless there's not enough light. The curtains give a diffused and soft glow to the face, kind of like a softbox, the lights professional photographers use. 

Step Two

Second, you want to situate yourself right in the middle of the window. Do not lean too far on either side of the curtains - this will cast a shadow on either side of your face, making you apply your makeup unevenly. You want to sit right in the middle of the window to give your face even lighting on both sides, kind of like a makeup mirror! 

Step Three

Third, set up about one meter away from the window - not too close, and not too far. Being too close to the window will "overexpose" your skin, making you feel like you need to darken up your makeup, and too far back won't be enough light.

Makeup is never the same without good lighting! Even Selena Instagrams about it.

One More Thing 

Finally, make sure you keep your makeup artist's set up as is. When we place the chair we know exactly how it's going to light up your face.

Don't pull it forward, don't pull it to the side, and DO NOT spin it backwards :-) 

Sassy Beach Waves

In this hair tutorial I show you my favourite look, which is also the most popular look in hair nowadays. No matter how many hairstyles come and go, beach waves are still up there and rank high in the popularity game. Maybe I'm just biased because I want to live in LA and everyone I follow on Instagram lives in California. 

Anyway, I digress.

Step One: The Blow-Dry

When I style my hair I always blowdry it against its natural fall so I get the maximum volume. I use products like Matrix Bond Ultim8 which helps seal in my cuticle, Redken Satinwear (which has gone from a 02 to an 04, so you would just use less of it) and mousse

I have to admit, the mousse I used in the video, Frederick Fekkai, was not my favorite. I love mousse in general for the hold it gives my hair and because it makes my hairstyle last a lot longer. But this particular one made my hair super dry and I couldn't get my hair to smooth out and be shiny like it usually is. It dulled my hair color and I had to wash it out the next day. 

I would suggest, if I were to re-do the video, to use a super lightweight mousse, like AVEDA, which also happens to smell like heaven. I used to use Aussie since I was a teenager, but now I'm pro. I have to upgrade.

Step Two: Section & Curl

After drying the hair completely, you can go around your hair in sections and begin to curl the hair. How you section your hair depends on how you will part it, especially when you get to the top -- around your face and at the crown area. 

The size of the curling iron does matter too. I use a smaller one, a 3/4 inch because it's easier to manage for me at home and I'm less likely to burn myself. When my hairstylist friends do my hair using the one inch curling iron my waves are super flexible, and there's more volume at the roots.

Step Three: Spray

Fluff up your hair, run your fingers through it, and use a lightweight hairspray or texturizing spray to keep it, lightly, in place.

I hope you enjoy the video and it helps you out as you style your hair. And yes, I really do feel sassy in my beach waves. 

Botox 2017 Update!

This video is a recap of my two-year relationship with Botox and its side effects. 

So, this is my second attempt at getting Botox. Actually, this is the review of my second attempt at getting Botox. I had to make a video because my first one received (and continues to receive, after twenty-one thousand views) a ton of comments from women who claim they had, just like I did, negative side effects to the procedure. 

A Little Backstory

The first time I did Botox, I was 29, at Dubai Healthcare City. It was painful and I ended up with terrible headaches once a month exactly where the doctor had injected the Botox. That lasted for about 5 months. It was no fun to say the least. I swore never again. Ever. 

I Did It Again

Fast-forward to 32, when I start to actually notice lines and I change my mind. I think, oh hey just one more time! I head over to my dermatologist who injects very tiny injections. No pain. This time, I broke out into a rash. That was no fun either. The rash went away when the Botox wore off. 

Never again, I swear. This time for reals. I'm just going to embrace my crow's feet and expression lines.

Lina Hussain
Hair Treatments: Olaplex, Matrix & More

Do you lighten your hair? Are you blonde? Do you get highlights? Do you bleach your hair? Well then, you need treatments. 

There are treatments for dry hair, thin hair, oily hair ... the list goes on. But in this video I focus on treatments for lightened hair, because, oh my God, the amount of damaged hair there is is too much for me NOT to talk about it! 

It's unfortunate that a lot of stylists don't educate clients about how important treatments are. They are the saving grace of your hair and can seriously restructure your hair and nurse it back to health. 

There are also shampoos and conditioners. I focus on treatments because they go inside the hair and rebuild all the broken bonds. 

So in this video I talk about my two favorite brands: Olaplex, Matrix Bond Ultim8; plus others like Moroccan Oil, Joico and Kerastase. 


Olaplex, in layman's terms, restructures the hair as it lightens. It comes in three steps: the first one (No. 1) is mixed in with the bleach at the salon. The second step is at the shampoo bowl, where we leave the No. 2 on for 5-10 minutes, depending on the extent of damage. Ten minutes is obviously ideal. The third step, No. 3, is the take-home treatment that must be used to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. 

Matrix Bond Ultim8

This is my absolute favorite treatment after Olaplex. I have been using it in my damp hair, and sometimes dry, with amazing results. My hair has never looked so shiny and healthy after lightening it so many times! As a blonde, this is my jam.

Moroccan Oil

I used the hydrating mask which is supposed to treat the hair, but I found that it didn't give me what I expected. It's nice when you first use it, but once you shampoo again, my hair went back to looking and feeling the same way as before. It's a nice luxury but I wouldn't call it a treatment. 

Joico & Kerastase 

I've only used Kerastase once, and I loved it. The one that's used at the salon is mixed, and is only available in-salon. The at-home treatments are available to buy at the salon. Kerastase has a seriously large selection of treatments, shampoos and conditioners for pretty much every hair type. 

Joico, on the other hand, I've never personally used, but I have heard amazing things about it from other stylists. I recommend it only because of the constant #1 feedback. 


Lina Hussain
Makeup For Ever Aqua XL Pencils

Oh Lord. These pencils. They are so amazing I can't even. 

I thought I had tried all the waterproof eye pencils there are out there, until these little gems were sent to me! The Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencils are a dreeeeeeeam. 

They glide on smoothly, and dry within a couple of seconds. And then they're on for life. They're tattooed and you can't do much about it. That's a good thing, right? 

If you want to smudge them, better do that quick. And if you want to line the inner rims of your eyes, they will stay put. 

The collection of colors is so unique - never seen so many mattes and shimmers all in one collection. I wish, though, that there was a beige. There's a matte yellow, but beige would have been nice. 

Lina Hussain
Brow Pencils vs. Powder

Both Make Up For Ever and HI Impact both sent me samples of their products, so I decided to pit them against each other to see which was best. 

Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Brow is pretty cool, and so is the HI Impact Brows palette. 

I always prefer eye shadow because it's softer and prettier. Pencils can really only be used for someone with very sparse eye brows. I have thick brows, so I wasn't too big of a fan of the MUFE pencil. 

Check out the video for the entire review. I hope you like it :)

Lina Hussain
Basic Work Makeup Tutorial

This video is pretty self explanatory. Work makeup. We all need to learn how to do it, and preferably within the ten minute frame. I never spend more than 15 minutes on my makeup before work, so I filmed this just for you! 

It's easy and quick and simple. And, yes, everyone can wear it. Whether you have hooded eyes, almond eyes, deep set eyes, green, blue, brown or black eyes ... this look is foolproof. 

Try it and let me know! 

Lina Hussain
Lash Extensions. Friend or Foe?

Lash extensions are mean. Like, really mean. Like that girl in your high school who pretends she's your best friend then steals your friends and goes and talks about you behind your back. Lash extensions are no different.

Lash extensions make your lashes bigger, thicker, longer, and just plain friggin' gorgeous. 

But guess what? 

That won't last. Because they will fall off and some of them will take your own lashes along with them! 

I had them done. I was even certified in doing lash extensions. I paid a lot of money for that piece of paper. I hated the results and how bald my lids looked. 

Lina Hussain