I Froze My Pores in Dubai

Does freezing your skin sound like something you would like to do to keep looking young? I'm up for doing anything to keep my skin looking radiant, so when I was invited to the CRYO (pronounced "cry-oh") Health Spa, I jumped on the opportunity.



First, I was treated to the Beauty Angel facial. After cleansing my skin, my therapist applied a mask and covered my eyes, then she moved a huge light that was so bright I could feel it beneath the eye cover. "The light activates the ingredients in the mask and helps get it beneath the first layer of the skin," she explained, "so you really get amazing benefits." 

After removing the mask, she gave me a much-needed massage that released tension in my jaw, neck, and shoulders. 


The CRYO Glow treatment reminded me a lot of being blasted by cold Canadian winter winds, and if you've ever been in below zero weather, this would feel quite familiar.

I'll be honest: for someone who really dislikes cold temperatures, it was a brave step for me to sit at the chair for 45 minutes. We're talking -160 degrees celcuis here - blasted gradually, but nonetheless cold

But the results - oh my God! By the end of the treatment, my skin was tight, my face lifted, my cheeks felt bouncy and I just looked alive. Refreshing is an understatement to what it feels like to walk out of the CRYO Health Spa.

With oily skin like mine, living in hot desert weather in the UAE, I always have blackheads. It's an annoyance that many women have to endure. I have tried every mask under the sun, but this CRYO treatment was what made them completely disappear.

Besides shrinking your pores, the CRYO treatment increases collagen production, giving you firmer and healthier skin, and fewer skin blemishes. 

Refreshing is an understatement to what it feels like to walk out of the CRYO health spa. 

A simple procedure that lasts less about 30 minutes, bringing the bounce back into your skin, this is a wonderful facial/treatment that you have to try.


CRYO Health Spa, located at the Emirates Business Towers, The Boulevard.

Treatments start at 400AED.


Lina HussainComment