I Coloured My Hair at Home!

Okay, before you go and color your hair, make sure you know a professional hair colorist who can help you along the way. Even though I'm pro, I had my long time professional hairdresser friend on speed dial to answer all of my questions. Hair color is chemistry, and there is no telling how it will react!

Why go dark, you ask? Well, because the damage of bleaching my hair was unreal. The ends were snapping off and it just looked unhealthy. Dark hair reflects more light and I knew it was going to look fuller and healthier. 

Also, something really cool happened when I put on the brown hair color. I FELT better, I felt like I recognized myself. Does that make sense? I'm a believer that color affects your mood and personality, and nature makes no mistakes! The blonde hair was nice, but it was "separate" from me, like it had a personality all its own. 

I have always had medium brown hair, ever since I was little, and this was just taking me back to my "true self" :) 

I filled my hair with a red copper in a level 7 and chose level 4.75 medium brown with red and violet undertones for the main brown color. 

Filling is very important when you're going from blonde to brunette. When you bleach hair (go blonde) you strip all of the natural red tones in the hair. So you must put those back in when you rewind back to your darker color. The only time you wouldn't fill is when you go to a level 1 or 2, which is basically black.