Sephora Offers FREE Makeup Classes!

Sephora Offers Free Makeup Classes!

I just heard about these free classes from a Facebook makeup group I follow and I was instantly intrigued! So I signed up online and lucky for me, I got in right away. No credit card, no personal information required.

They will send you a confirmation and a reminder and then give you a phone call to confirm - again - my guess because they have so many women on the waiting list, that if you don't show up you could take someone else's place, and that's not fair.

Everyday to Holiday Makeup

I signed up to see whether there were any new products or techniques I hadn't heard of!

They take attendance, and you'll find that on your station there are clean brushes, a marker and disposable wands. They will ask you to write on the mirror your skin type. Oily, combination, or dry? And based on that they will distribute skin care - at least for this class, we were doing a full face. They also offer smokey eyes, foundation, contour, and every day makeup classes. 

There is a model and a coach, who speaks into a microphone, to explain the steps in detail. While this is happening, a few other coaches are distributing the makeup products you will need to recreate the look. 

We each got eye shadow palettes, eye pencils, setting sprays, eye primers, eye brow pencils ... and once the coach is finished applying and describing what she'd done, everyone else is allowed to follow. 

This keeps going until the full makeup look is acheieved. 

Beware of Testers

My only concern was that we got the testers. I don't mind so much that we had the powder eye shadow testers; but for some products like pots and wands, like concealer, liquid lip colors and mascara, they are not sanitary. The only store I know that cuts off the wand and sanitizes everything with alcohol is MAC. 

There is no way to sanitize a liquid lip pencil if someone before you (or many others) had applied it on their lips. This could spread bacteria from one person to another. And since we are almost into Holiday Season now, BE VERY CAREFUL. 

If you are going to go to one of these classes, or you're having your makeup done at a counter, make sure you bring your own mascara and lipstick.

If you see the makeup artist using something out of a wand, just ask for one that is in a tube. 

Apply Foundation Downwards

Overall the makeup class at Sephora was a pretty fun experience. I mainly went to get a feel for what's out there - what new products and techniques I should brush up on. 

I was reminded that to apply your foundation you should always swipe it down. I have always buffed my foundation in circular motions, which is fine, but swiping DOWN makes all the little hairs on your face SIT rather than stand up.