Hair Treatments: Olaplex, Matrix & More

Do you lighten your hair? Are you blonde? Do you get highlights? Do you bleach your hair? Well then, you need treatments. 

There are treatments for dry hair, thin hair, oily hair ... the list goes on. But in this video I focus on treatments for lightened hair, because, oh my God, the amount of damaged hair there is is too much for me NOT to talk about it! 

It's unfortunate that a lot of stylists don't educate clients about how important treatments are. They are the saving grace of your hair and can seriously restructure your hair and nurse it back to health. 

There are also shampoos and conditioners. I focus on treatments because they go inside the hair and rebuild all the broken bonds. 

So in this video I talk about my two favorite brands: Olaplex, Matrix Bond Ultim8; plus others like Moroccan Oil, Joico and Kerastase. 


Olaplex, in layman's terms, restructures the hair as it lightens. It comes in three steps: the first one (No. 1) is mixed in with the bleach at the salon. The second step is at the shampoo bowl, where we leave the No. 2 on for 5-10 minutes, depending on the extent of damage. Ten minutes is obviously ideal. The third step, No. 3, is the take-home treatment that must be used to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. 

Matrix Bond Ultim8

This is my absolute favorite treatment after Olaplex. I have been using it in my damp hair, and sometimes dry, with amazing results. My hair has never looked so shiny and healthy after lightening it so many times! As a blonde, this is my jam.

Moroccan Oil

I used the hydrating mask which is supposed to treat the hair, but I found that it didn't give me what I expected. It's nice when you first use it, but once you shampoo again, my hair went back to looking and feeling the same way as before. It's a nice luxury but I wouldn't call it a treatment. 

Joico & Kerastase 

I've only used Kerastase once, and I loved it. The one that's used at the salon is mixed, and is only available in-salon. The at-home treatments are available to buy at the salon. Kerastase has a seriously large selection of treatments, shampoos and conditioners for pretty much every hair type. 

Joico, on the other hand, I've never personally used, but I have heard amazing things about it from other stylists. I recommend it only because of the constant #1 feedback. 


Lina Hussain