Botox 2017 Update!

This video is a recap of my two-year relationship with Botox and its side effects. 

So, this is my second attempt at getting Botox. Actually, this is the review of my second attempt at getting Botox. I had to make a video because my first one received (and continues to receive, after twenty-one thousand views) a ton of comments from women who claim they had, just like I did, negative side effects to the procedure. 

A Little Backstory

The first time I did Botox, I was 29, at Dubai Healthcare City. It was painful and I ended up with terrible headaches once a month exactly where the doctor had injected the Botox. That lasted for about 5 months. It was no fun to say the least. I swore never again. Ever. 

I Did It Again

Fast-forward to 32, when I start to actually notice lines and I change my mind. I think, oh hey just one more time! I head over to my dermatologist who injects very tiny injections. No pain. This time, I broke out into a rash. That was no fun either. The rash went away when the Botox wore off. 

Never again, I swear. This time for reals. I'm just going to embrace my crow's feet and expression lines.

Lina Hussain