Sassy Beach Waves

In this hair tutorial I show you my favourite look, which is also the most popular look in hair nowadays. No matter how many hairstyles come and go, beach waves are still up there and rank high in the popularity game. Maybe I'm just biased because I want to live in LA and everyone I follow on Instagram lives in California. 

Anyway, I digress.

Step One: The Blow-Dry

When I style my hair I always blowdry it against its natural fall so I get the maximum volume. I use products like Matrix Bond Ultim8 which helps seal in my cuticle, Redken Satinwear (which has gone from a 02 to an 04, so you would just use less of it) and mousse

I have to admit, the mousse I used in the video, Frederick Fekkai, was not my favorite. I love mousse in general for the hold it gives my hair and because it makes my hairstyle last a lot longer. But this particular one made my hair super dry and I couldn't get my hair to smooth out and be shiny like it usually is. It dulled my hair color and I had to wash it out the next day. 

I would suggest, if I were to re-do the video, to use a super lightweight mousse, like AVEDA, which also happens to smell like heaven. I used to use Aussie since I was a teenager, but now I'm pro. I have to upgrade.

Step Two: Section & Curl

After drying the hair completely, you can go around your hair in sections and begin to curl the hair. How you section your hair depends on how you will part it, especially when you get to the top -- around your face and at the crown area. 

The size of the curling iron does matter too. I use a smaller one, a 3/4 inch because it's easier to manage for me at home and I'm less likely to burn myself. When my hairstylist friends do my hair using the one inch curling iron my waves are super flexible, and there's more volume at the roots.

Step Three: Spray

Fluff up your hair, run your fingers through it, and use a lightweight hairspray or texturizing spray to keep it, lightly, in place.

I hope you enjoy the video and it helps you out as you style your hair. And yes, I really do feel sassy in my beach waves.