Easy, Dewy, Daytime Makeup Tutorial

I'm a little bit anti-strong makeup. Not a bit, actually; a lot. There is no need to exaggerate our makeup. It might work for video and for Instagram - but for every day wear it's a big fat lie. 

Not everyone can wear black, elongated eyeliner. Not everyone should wear strip lashes. Not everyone should wear contour, and not everyone needs to over-line their lips. 

So in this video I'm doing a very simple, easy, daytime fresh and dewy makeup look that everyone can wear. You just can't go wrong with this look. (I would suggest that if you need heavier coverage for acne, go ahead and dab some more foundation. Use a long-lasting formula and use a light dusting of loose powder.)

On camera, the makeup may seem very light and you might think, 'this doesn't look that great'. Face-to-face, it looks flawless, and I feel the most like myself. I actually felt so beautiful, I didn't want to take it off.

The camera loves matte, powdery textures, yet face to face those textures can look cakey, which is why I skipped out on the powder, and why so many YouTubers pack on the powder. 

So you can say I'm rebelling against the status quo. Go ahead and try this look and let me know how you make out. Keep your hand light, and stop when you think you look gorgeous. The trick is not to over-do it, and never to look like you have makeup on.