Light Your Way To Gorgeous Makeup

In this hand-held video I talk to you about just that: how to get awesome lighting for your makeup. 

Step One

First thing is you want to keep the sheer curtains on. Do NOT pull them back, unless there's not enough light. The curtains give a diffused and soft glow to the face, kind of like a softbox, the lights professional photographers use. 

Step Two

Second, you want to situate yourself right in the middle of the window. Do not lean too far on either side of the curtains - this will cast a shadow on either side of your face, making you apply your makeup unevenly. You want to sit right in the middle of the window to give your face even lighting on both sides, kind of like a makeup mirror! 

Step Three

Third, set up about one meter away from the window - not too close, and not too far. Being too close to the window will "overexpose" your skin, making you feel like you need to darken up your makeup, and too far back won't be enough light.

Makeup is never the same without good lighting! Even Selena Instagrams about it.

One More Thing 

Finally, make sure you keep your makeup artist's set up as is. When we place the chair we know exactly how it's going to light up your face.

Don't pull it forward, don't pull it to the side, and DO NOT spin it backwards :-)