Flat Irons: Avanti or Babyliss?

You can do so much with flat irons. They're not just meant to make you hair straight - you can also use them to curl and wave. I tested the AVANTI and BABYLISS to see which one I liked best.


My AVANTI flat iron I've had since my hair school days is pretty good. I can curl, wave, and straighten with it. I like it shape, its curved sides, and the fact that it goes all the way up to 450 degree F. My only recent concern has been straightening long, thick hair. It's been a little too small for that type of work. So I borrowed my friends' flat iron: also an AVANTI 1-3/8" and I fell in love. It was fast, smooth, and curled and straightened my clients' hair. 


I went out and bought a look-alike of the AVANTI: a BABYLISS. It looks the same (ie. thumb grip, large plates, comes in black and silver) and claims to do the same as the Avanti (ie. wet-to-dry).

It retailed for about $120 Canadian, and I picked it up for about $100 during a back-to-school sale. 

The Avanti, on the other hand, retails for $160 and I haven't seen it on sale yet...which tells me there might be a reason for it. 

In this video I use both flat irons on my mannequin head to demo the difference.

Lina HussainComment